Quest For Corporates

What are the benefits in undertaking “A Quest for Greatness” for Individuals and Companies within the Corporate World?

In my experience corporate life happens at break neck pace and leaves very little time for thinking and reflection. Often I experience people frustrated with the results they get from the way they behave but they do not take the time to consider other options. I think the Quest for Greatness makes you think and question who you are and what you bring to the world.

What is the Impact of “A Quest For Greatness” Personally?

It’s opening my eyes to the ways I hold myself back from living my potential. It’s unpicking the distorted thinking I’ve developed over the years and helping find more useful ways to think and be.

Nikki Hinksman

Director and Coach In Focus

Nikki has worked in the field of personal and professional development for over a decade building her reputation on the creation and delivery of pragmatic and inspirational programs that generate lasting change. She has worked with a broad range of clients at all from Graduate to CEO.



What are the benefits in undertaking “A Quest for Greatness” for Individuals and Companies within the Corporate World?

By helping to remove the feeling of fear, it allows you to be braver in making decisions, in innovating and in standing up for your own thoughts.  It enables you to do all of this through a position of absolute respect – respect for self and for colleagues.  The Quest encourages you to listen and not judge (again, yourself and others) to encourage deeper, more productive conversations. And thus it helps you be a better leader and encourage others to speak up, be brave and realise their own motivations.

What is the Impact of “A Quest For Greatness” Personally?

There are many benefits from Quest, some of the key ones are the removal of limiting beliefs and feelings that are often deep within us – through reflection, questioning and guided meditation it allows you to get to the root issue and tackle it face on with absolute bravery and full support from the Quest coach. The reason why this works so well is because of the support and a feeling of being absolutely safe and being guided through the process.

Sarah Payne

Director of Hummdot Consulting

Sarah is a Coach, Business Leader and Facilitator, with qualifications in Business Studies (BA Hons degree) and in Coaching (Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching).

15 years of experience in leadership development, recruitment and HR Consulting, with 9 years of experience as a coach.  Sarah works with leaders of blue chip companies, SMEs, not-for-profits and educational establishments.


“I did my first Quest training session in the midst of taking a company public.  I am a CEO and a CMO.  Very rare to be holding two high demand, high stress jobs at the same time, particularly as one is about to go public. I’m also a dad and a husband.  The externalities and demands on my life are unrelenting. I have often thought that to do inner work it is necessary to detach from these distractions. I immersed myself into working with Catherina at the apex of activity in every aspect of my life.  This is where the program meets you.  Right in the action.  Right where you are. In the midst of the constructs about who you are and what brings you meaning and purpose. Thats why I like Quest.

Its funny, I have met so many “life coaches” over the years.  One stole money from me. Another is now homeless. And a third is neither married nor has children but advises on both.  Quest isnt a life coaching program.  Its an immersion program into the discovery of what drives your truth. Its dirty, gritty, glorious work, that takes place right on the battlefield of your life.

Kant writes in the Critique of Pure Reason: “The nominal definition of truth, namely that it is the agreement of cognition with its object.” Congruence of word and deed,  of what one is vs. how one behaves.  We live in a society of double lives.  The secret longings of true self subverted in the service of the lives we are told we must be living. But truth is where the juice is.  Truth is where the power resides.  And, happily, the joy, the compassion, the endurance.  And thats because truth is love. As Dylan Thomas wrote, “It is the force that through the green fuse drives the flower.” The closer you get your hand to that force in that green fuse, the more alive you become. The more creative.  The more free and unburdened.  I came to Quest with scoliosis of the spirit.  A bag man of lies.  I was not a liar to others as much as I was a liar to myself.  I have a mighty gift to offer in this life.  Any statement less than that is a lie.

The key here is, that to realize this gift, it is not about what I do, but rather that I am who I am in every expression of my life.  When I am in front of a bunch of Wall Street Bankers, to not try to be what I think they want me to be, but rather to be the radiant expression of who I am. My truth.  This work isnt about telling the truth.  Its about living the truth. When you get a taste of that, its quite sublime.  Yes its inner work.  But its the opposite of therapy where you go in to churn malady. This is a laser beam into a force so powerful that malady can’t exist in its presence. I am by no means a master at this.  I merely signed up for the master class at the busiest moment in my life.  Which, I am finding, is the perfect time for Quest.”


What are the benefits in undertaking “A Quest for Greatness” for Individuals and Companies within the Corporate World?

To give you a greater understanding of yourself and of others can only benefit the work place as you empathise and appreciate the people around you. Interpersonal relationships are the most important aspects of the workplace and not always part of ones CV however being able to relate to others, while recognising your own strengths and weaknesses and how you relate and manage colleagues can have the biggest impact upon the work place and your own personal life. Your personal journey to a balanced work life where the people you work with as well as the job make it a pleasure to work (actually life really isn’t work!) Individually and together you can create a harmonious environment alive with creativity.

What is the Impact of “A Quest For Greatness” Personally?

Understanding yourself, valuing your inner person and recognising the power of self love can    only benefit you as a person and ultimately those around you and your life generally. Recognising how you work, the power you posses and you’re ability to draw on your unique resilience makes for inner contentment but also the desire to explore who you are even more.

Dr. Lorraine Connell

Coordinator BTLIN, Education lecturer Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts (LEBA) School of Education.  Charles Darwin University.


What are the benefits in undertaking “A Quest for Greatness” for Individuals and Companies within the Corporate World?

When employees are taught to operate from universal love and truth, it creates an environment without fear.  This environment enhances the ability to express with unlimited creativity and collaboration instead of fear and competition. A supportive environment is created. The environment attracts like minded people.  Therefore, building a dynamic company.

What is the Impact of “A Quest For Greatness” Personally?

Once I realized I was looking into my own mirror of life, I understood that life was all my choosing.  I became empowered and unlimited. Realizing we are one universal love, I choose to think with my heart and receive universal truth. I also realized all is perfect and I operate from my own truth without fear.

Kathy Elliott

IT Business Systems and Application Development Manager ( 30+yrs)

Managed teams who supported employees using the business software of the company.  I also managed teams who developed, tested and installed new software.

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