Quest Consultant

Q.U.E.S.T. Consultants will Intuitively establish your Company’s greatest asset, the ability to Attract and Retain Client & Employee relationships establishing Leadership and Coaching Needs based on an initial meeting via phone or in person.

The Think Love Q.U.E.S.T. Consulting team will meet you to talk about how you desire your organisation to develop and understand what is holding you back.  We will then help you establish, exactly what your team requires within their personal and Coaching Leadership Development to optimize the highest levels of productivity enabling the highest levels of profit and sustainability for your Company!

WHAT IS Q.U.E.S.T. Personal/Coaching LEADERSHIP?

By definition, leadership is inspiring and motivating others towards a common vision and goals in order to attain a company’s short and long term goals and strategies.

  • Self awareness helps leaders be more effective, balanced and fulfilled, while inspiring confidence among others
  • Leaders must learn to effectively mobilize, inspire and organize others to reach their highest potential and execute effectively
  • Employees’ daily work must be on task and closely aligned with specified goals
  • Plans must be established to help employees achieve desired results


An effective leadership team is critical to the success and growth of a company. Developing a deep pool of leadership talent requires dedication and ongoing commitment. A company must focus strategically on developing leadership that will meet its needs both now and in the future. Individuals in leadership roles must learn to optimize their strengths and enact strategies to address their shortcomings.


Quest Consulting provides a holistic approach to leadership development:

  • Assess current leadership capability
    Leadership development starts with an understanding of existing strengths and weaknesses among the leadership team
  • Develop leadership skills through our unique Q.U.E.S.T. model that address’s limiting thoughts/beliefs/emotions/feelings/ and behaviors, to achieve new “limitless” thoughts/beliefs/feelings/emotions/ and behaviors that create new and postive change for the individual and organization as a whole!
    A Q.U.E.S.T. For Greatness, Persona/Coaching leadership training enables individuals to have a greater understanding of their leadership strengths, identify, thoughts/beliefs/emotions/feelings and behaviors that impede their ability to lead, and develop new leadership competencies such as:
    • Leading teams
    • Managing up
    • Influencing peers and direct reports
    • Navigating politics
    • Communicating effectively
  • Build Sustainable Organizational Leadership
    Team building, group facilitation and meeting management help
    • Clarify goals
    • Align, Attune and create Synergy within team members
    • Build cross-functional relationships
    • Minimize negative impacts of silos (a system, process, department, etc. that operates in isolation from others)
    • Allow effective Self leadership skills to be put into practice
    • Achieve desired business results and beyond
  • Measure leadership development results
      We provide metrics, models and tools to evaluate the impact of our leadership development programs, assess ongoing needs and reinforce client return on investment


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