Bali Quest 2015

Your Quest Begins In Bali 2015

2015  Bali, Indonesia


“A Quest for Greatness”

Your 7 Day Healing Alchemy

The Quest Adventure in Bali, is a dynamic and massively liberating experiencial journey at the most cellular levels of your being, unearthing the profound wisdom of the “Truth of Who you are”!

The rising of divine feminine and masculine energies evoked within your Quest enable’s this balance to naturally occur as one.  Whilst The Balinese culture and overall energies of the land serve as a powerful ally to Quest.

As a result, you will experience the overflowing love and deep healing this ancient land, and people have to offer.  This enables a perfect foundation for your Quest Journey with Gerry and Catherina as your Quest guides.

Enjoy delicious Authentic Balinese cuisine from the most talented, bask in deep state of self love, through deeply loving and healing massages, enjoy gentle walks on some of the most pristine beaches in the world,  be blown away by the unimaginable “unknown adventures” your guides will take you on, designed to your individual soul’s needs!

Enjoy the rich nature of Bali’s sacred temples, and powerful alchemical locations,  enjoy “time” to reflect through simply being, in a deeply healing and peaceful environment, in addition reveal in ancient authentic balinese artifacts whilst basking in your luxury accommodations, that have been hand chosen by your guides as “an anchient world” overlooking the ocean in Lombok’s divine shoreline…

From the moment your arrive experience being gently yet powerfully guided in the Quest process, Catherina, Founder of Think Love and Creator of  ”A Quest For Greatness ” with her beloved husband Gerry are experts in holding a deep space of love and trust for each individual to arise into who they authentically are.

Through daily practice of Self Questing her entire life, and working with a variety of people from all walks of life in the delivery of Quest for over a decade, Catherina’s Self Mastery is in “holding space” for you to experience massive transformation naturally, enabling what is destined to heal within your experience here in Bali occur and beyond.

Please consider deeply listening to what others are sharing in their personal experiences by watching the video testimonials.

Through the use of the QUEST model of Questioning your thoughts/beliefs/emotions/feeling and behaviors as you, understanding you are not them, empowering and strengthening you into the truth of who you authentically are brings forth great freedom!

You will come away with a deep intimate level of self awareness and love of self. A great transformation from within is enviable as you become acutely attuned to “who you authentically are” and how “you” create your reality.

Simply described, the experience of Quest enables you to dis-identify with your false self(fear/ego) and (align with and experience your true self) by giving you permission to delve deeply into simply getting to know, love and be thyself from this place the greatness that is you, awakens beyond comprehension…

This new empowered state, naturally draws the you into alignment with “the truth of who you are” enabling genuine self confidence to emerge in every area of your life!

Humanity is made up of people with hearts and minds.  True Powerful Authentic Leadership in Business and in all other areas of your life emerges from ” Thinking with your heart” and “Loving with your mind ”

A Quest For Greatness Life Leadership Personal Journey and Coach/Teacher Training offers you such a deeply authentic experience it quickly and successfully moves you into an empowered state of Embodied Self-leadership!  Which naturally births the highest performance state within every area of your life as you become the powerful conscious navigator of your thoughts!

The personal awareness work you engage in during the retreat models a heart centered leadership style that inspires you to reflect on your leadership from beyond the mind.  Leading with intuition as your guide you will begin to experience a much greater abundant reality based on fearlessness and true freedom!

Einstein says…
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that was used when creating them.”

We show you how to manifest from within by establishing the center from which all creative leadership is born.  Directed by example in intuitive ways to achieve what you intend.

Bali Experience

-Daily Guided Deep Meditation

-Daily Orgasmic breakfast rooftop, overlooking the ocean, lunch by the pool and dinner on the beach…

-Daily journeying through “A Quest For Greatness” Curriculum/Consciousness (experiential work attuned for your soul’s expansion)

-Daily self love, through your choice of massage, reflection writing time and simply being in your hammock or pool side doing no-thing

-Adventure deep into the Divinity of Bali’s sacred Locations/Temples/Ubud and beyond where everything exists beyond your imagination

-Deeply Healing Divine Feminine and Masculine Rituals

 A Journey of a Thousand leagues, begins with the first Step!  Lao-Tzu


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