A Quest For Greatness” Personal Life Leadership Journey Creates a “NEW PARADIGM ” within self, business and all relationships.  Channeled over a decade ago in a meditation, by Catherina O’Gorman, Founder and CEO of Think Love.  Catherina has been living this model and “Way of being” her entire life.  From the age of  4-14yrs she enacted in enssence the Q.U.E.S.T. Model to assist her in being the elite athlete she was ( training to be in the Olympic team, )she knew of her Life Purpose young.  To remind every single person she meets, of the truth of who they are and empower them to “live their truth ”!  She has personally been guiding individuals from all walks of life formally(through their Personal Q.U.E.S.T.  journey for over a decade).  In the past 5yrsyrs, Catherina and her husband aka her”twin soul” now also deliver Q.U.E.S.T. (Coach/Teacher Level’s of Training)
“A Quest For Greatness” is her life’s body of work…Therefore Mastery.
Q.U.E.S.T. is a journey of remembering the truth of who you are, love and living that truth…
“When I am in front of a bunch of Wall Street Bankers, to not try to be what I think they want me to be, but rather to be the radiant expression of who I am. My truth. This work isn’t about telling the truth. Its about living the truth. When you get a taste of that, its quite sublime”.
Lucas Donat CEO Tiny Rebellion
With Her beloved husband Gerry O’Gorman, they are now traveling the world delivering this life transforming work to all those “ready” to wake up to reality!  Ranging from school age to University Students, Corporate Organizations, to Individuals. Delivering the experience one on one, via phone, skype,  face to  face and within intimate group settings at their private retreats in Bali ,Hawaii, New York, and where-ever intuition guides them to take clients!
“What is the value of a life of freedom through love? Millions of people the world over have risked death and tragedy in the name of finding freedom in a new land.  We can find it in our own heart”.
Bruce Cryer CEO Lissa Rankin, Co-Founder of What Makes Your Heart Sing

A Quest For Greatness is NOT like any other “Course” or “Life Coaching” you have ever experienced!  This journey is a profound opportunity to re-remember the “truth of who you are”, and to experience a deeply embodied “authentic you” as a result.  From this place the transformation and outlook in all areas and relationships within your life is realized deep within.  To the point where your life as you knew it, becomes something far greater than you ever imagined possible!  ”A Quest For Greatness” is in essence the Greatest most relevant journey you will ever take, that of the journey from head to heart!  From Fear to love.

You are powerful, You are unique, You are love.

We are here to remind you of the truth, the truth of who you are. Now is the time to give your soul permission to shine, lighting the way for others to follow…
            With deep Love and gratitude for your precious soul.
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