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Martine Griffins Project Manager

Since Undergoing your Quest Coach/Teacher Journey, describe this experience honestly for you?

As I had no expectations it was interesting to see that my mind actually was very attached to getting value for money and not being “ripped off”.  This happened when I wanted Catherina and Gerry to help me do an intutive exercise on the next leg of my journey.  ”From the minds” perceptive this did not work well, but from the other operating system it provided a fantastic opportunity to see the ego at work and its insidious nature.

This was incredible because you needed to be in the ego to “get” or receive the message of the lesson, these were big and profuond messages and lessons.  It will be interesting to see if I can translate these to everyday life.  Something which in the past I have been very average at to say the least, doing homework is not my strong suit.  No matter I am still grateful for the experience!



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