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By Lucas Donat CEO Tiny Rebellion


What did you imagine your 3 day 3 night Quest Coach/Teacher Journey with G and C in Sag would be like?

  I only knew that I would be safe and protected. I didn’t doubt that it would be transformative, but I wasn’t sure if it would feel kooky and ungrounded at times.


How different was this?

What surprised me was the absolute balance between left brain rigor and the pure expansive magic of intuition.  I saw miracles happening with my own eyes and felt many more happening internally.  This is an incredibly clear system that works to create shift, away from fear based thinking, toward love based thinking.  Hence, Think Love. I hvae to be honest, Think Love always seemed a bit soft to me.  It’s color is pink.  I like pink, but it all seemed a little froofy.  The mere term Think Love hit me as a bit of an oxymoron. You don’t experience love as a thought do you? You experience love as an emotion.

Here’s what I learned about that over my three days of coach training. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  I came into my training knowing this. Every major religion on the planet would corroborate this concept.  Many would argue that God is Love.  I agree. So as we view how we choose to live on a planet of free will, we have options.  Its likely what makes this planet such a coveted place in the universe.  Free will.  The mind.  The heart.  What a glorious cocktail.  The concept of think love is not a denial of thought or ego.  It is an organizing principle that reminds us that the mind is best harnessed in the service of love and can be deployed as such in life to create an existence beyond our wildest imaginings.

To fully appreciate the magnitude of this we need first look at the current organizational system that is reinforced daily through news media and most human interactions:  think fear. According to Wikipedia, “Fear is an unpleasant emotion induced by a threat perceived by living entities”. But in the same way a samurai learns to transmute fear into Bushido, so too can we reorient our way of being to “think love” in all conditions. To the male mind, (and I am writing from my man cave, a weight rack to my right, tools to my left, my desk smack dab in the middle of it all – a little slice of male heaven), sometimes its useful to talk about these things in the form of steel.  As men we know the value of the right tool for the right job.  Fear is the tool of choice in today’s infinitely complex world and it is a tool ill suited to the job of handling complexity. In point of fact, it is designed to make you dumb to complexity in the service of tunneling your focus to the task of base survival.  Cortisol and adrenaline are cortical inhibitors specifically designed to shut down higher reasoning so that we don’t contemplate the consequences of the approaching Siberian Tiger, but rather react with single minded focus. Today’s fear based inputs leave us awash in the belly fat of cortisol.  Think love is a new operating system that reminds us of a new and superior operating system based on love.  In the fear based mind, love is relegated to romantic love or familial love, the love of friends – all noble and beautiful aspects of love, but not at all the totality of love’s capabilities.  It is often said that love is not something you control.  That is because love is not to be controlled, it is to be lived.  Love is a state of being.  Perhaps in other dimensions love is the default setting, on planet earth it is not.  Free will is the privilege of this planet.  And also the responsibility.  Think Love is a training modality that reminds us we have a choice when it comes to the tool set we elect to use in the service of living our lives.

The Truth Multiple

This is quite frankly the title of our business book. The other thing I learned was that truth is liberation.  Like love, truth is simply an exponentially more powerful operating system in life.  It seems that dishonesty and fear are linked companions in the same way that truth and love are.  They are opposing dualities.  For Maddie, opposing siamese twins. The truth multiple is about what happens when you speak and operate from truth.  The delusion is that we thrive in opacity, particularly in business – the less you know, the more profit I can extract from you. Truth suffers in the system of marriage as well.  How many marriages have secret lives? We live in the delusion that the authentic expression of self will be punished.  Conformity equals acceptance.  And yet all works of fiction, without exception, are about one theme: The expression of individuality vs. a society or system that seeks to suppress it.  Test me.  Google the top 100 works of fiction:  The Great Gatsby, Lolita, Brave New World, The Fountainhead, 1984, Invisible Man, An American Tragedy…in all, humans calling out to be heard in the unique frequency of their voice and drowning in systems that can’t hear them.  Or choose not to hear them at great peril to all.  If this theme repeats itself in every work of art, then it must be pretty damn important to us humans.

Truth. It is time for us to claim it.  We have the evolved human systems to handle it now. And the universe is paying high interest to those who invest in it.  If you doubt what I say, do as Catherina urges, try it.

There is a massive amount of intelligence in the Think Love program.  I got a first hand experience of what it feels like to live in my truth.  We think we are doing that.  I am certainly what most would call a “truthful” person.  But we all lie.  Mostly to ourselves.  This program connects you to truth and the underlying current that drives all truth, and that is love.  When you drink from those waters you start to realize that fear is merely a fallen angel, there to help you ultimately discover the divine sweetness of love.


What would you say to anyone considering undergoing their Quest Journey with G and C?

It took me two years to get there.  I dont think back and regret how long it took me.  Thats how long it took me to be ready to be able to process that much in a such a short period of time. By the time I showed up in Sag Harbor I was ready to give myself to it entirely. It was a high intensity, very joyful experience.  Here’s my bottom line, by going you will have time with two very loving, remarkable beings that will show you that unconditional love can exist in human form.  I tested Catherina for years before I took the leap.  She never ever gave up on me.  Ever.  You can’t go wrong by being in the company of this kind of love.   At worst you will feel loved.  At best it will change your life forever.  


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