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By Karin Frost Founder and Creator of Ergobaby

QUEST personal journey is an amazingly profound and simple way of shifting our negative thoughts to positive thoughts. It is a practice of keeping loving thoughts at the forefront of every interpretation, response, perception, reaction and reminder. It is a way of being in communion with one self at all times. I have learned through my training that what this is really referring to is the transformation of Limiting thoughts to Limitless thoughts, from painful thoughts to loving thoughts. Through the QUEST process we learn to become acutely aware of our Limiting thoughts, which are our ego/mind telling us distorted perceptions about self, or inaccurate beliefs influenced by years of stories and lies. By analyzing what we believe, feel and how we behave we get in deeper touch with the limiting thought. From this stage it becomes obvious for me to see the limitless thought formulate. Then connecting again with the belief, feeling and behavior of this limitless thought, it becomes a clear possibility and the commitment to shifting solidifies.
This process has given me a quick way to check in with myself and shift my attitude when I’ve gotten stuck. It has given me a language with which to express what is going on in my mind. I am able to reconfigure the way I see myself in this human existence when my perception has put me in a state of turmoil. I am learning much more about my intuition, what it sounds like and feels like. The truth is I know what is best for me when I consult my intuition.
Another big part of what we talk about is balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine; recognizing when they are out of balance and engaging with both as a vital part of our human existence.
I have never engaged with a Life Coach. I have always believed that my life’s journey was with myself, and by listening to my inner guidance I would find my way. I have never been one to rely on someone else’s perceived knowing. My inner connection to self has guided me well. So when Catherina came into my life, I felt resistance to “working” with her. It wasn’t until I experienced her message through a friend that I realized her wisdom resonates deeply with my own knowing. LOVE – Life-force Offering Vital Energy. As she so often says, “don’t believe me, I’m just here to remind you of what you already know, look within yourself to see the truth”. I have always been fascinated by Intuition, Catherina is the most confident and in tuned with her intuition than anyone I have ever met. I have a lot to learn from her! I would describe Catherina and Gerry as “Life Mentors”, two people who walk the talk of Love, and the messages they speak. Catherina does not inhibit herself with fear. Her love is unwavering. Gerry openly works with similar challenges as the rest of us, an incredible living example of practicing, allowing and surrendering to the divine feminine when the masculine wants to dominate.
And so it is…a journey of strengthening the awareness from within. Learning to live in the truth of who you are! Finding the strength of your voice so as to only and always speak your truth! Knowing your inner guidance (intuition) as your best friend! Balancing the divine feminine and masculine as your two predominant personality traits! Only and always putting Love at the forefront of intention!
I am in deep gratitude of Catherina, Gerry, the QUEST personal and Coach training curriculum, and the Think Love University. 


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