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Your Quest Begins In Bali 2015

Bali, Indonesia


“A Quest for Greatness”

Your 7 Day Healing Alchemy

The Quest Adventure in Bali, is a dynamic and massively liberating experiencial journey at the most cellular levels of your being, unearthing the profound wisdom of the “Truth of Who you are”!

The rising of divine feminine and masculine energies evoked within your Quest enable’s this balance to naturally occur as one.  Whilst The Balinese culture and overall energies of the land serve as a powerful ally to Quest.

As a result, you will experience the overflowing love and deep healing this ancient land, and people have to offer.  This enables a perfect foundation for your Quest Journey with Gerry and Catherina as your Quest guides.

Enjoy delicious Authentic Balinese cuisine from the most talented, bask in deep state of self love, through deeply loving and healing massages, enjoy gentle walks on some of the most pristine beaches in the world,  be blown away by the unimaginable “unknown adventures” your guides will take you on, designed to your individual soul’s needs!

Enjoy the rich nature of Bali’s sacred temples, and powerful alchemical locations,  enjoy “time” to reflect through simply being, in a deeply healing and peaceful environment, in addition reveal in ancient authentic balinese artifacts whilst basking in your luxury accommodations, that have been hand chosen by your guides as “an anchient world” overlooking the ocean in Lombok’s divine shoreline…

From the moment your arrive experience being gently yet powerfully guided in the Quest process, Catherina, Founder of Think Love and Creator of  ”A Quest For Greatness ” with her beloved husband Gerry are experts in holding a deep space of love and trust for each individual to arise into who they authentically are.

Through daily practice of Self Questing her entire life, and working with a variety of people from all walks of life in the delivery of Quest for over a decade, Catherina’s Self Mastery is in “holding space” for you to experience massive transformation naturally, enabling what is destined to heal within your experience here in Bali occur and beyond.

Please consider deeply listening to what others are sharing in their personal experiences by watching the video testimonials.

Through the use of the QUEST model of Questioning your thoughts/beliefs/emotions/feeling and behaviors as you, understanding you are not them, empowering and strengthening you into the truth of who you authentically are brings forth great freedom!

You will come away with a deep intimate level of self awareness and love of self. A great transformation from within is enviable as you become acutely attuned to “who you authentically are” and how “you” create your reality.

Simply described, the experience of Quest enables you to dis-identify with your false self(fear/ego) and (align with and experience your true self) by giving you permission to delve deeply into simply getting to know, love and be thyself from this place the greatness that is you, awakens beyond comprehension…

This new empowered state, naturally draws the you into alignment with “the truth of who you are” enabling genuine self confidence to emerge in every area of your life!

Humanity is made up of people with hearts and minds.  True Powerful Authentic Leadership in Business and in all other areas of your life emerges from ” Thinking with your heart” and “Loving with your mind ”

A Quest For Greatness Life Leadership Personal Journey and Coach/Teacher Training offers you such a deeply authentic experience it quickly and successfully moves you into an empowered state of Embodied Self-leadership!  Which naturally births the highest performance state within every area of your life as you become the powerful conscious navigator of your thoughts!

The personal awareness work you engage in during the retreat models a heart centered leadership style that inspires you to reflect on your leadership from beyond the mind.  Leading with intuition as your guide you will begin to experience a much greater abundant reality based on fearlessness and true freedom!

Einstein says…
“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that was used when creating them.”

We show you how to manifest from within by establishing the center from which all creative leadership is born.  Directed by example in intuitive ways to achieve what you intend.

Bali Experience

-Daily Guided Deep Meditation

-Daily Orgasmic breakfast overlooking the ocean, lunch by the pool and dinner on the beach…

-Daily journeying through the “Quest Model/Potent Distinctions to live by (such as “Self Love”, “Self Responsibility”" Speaking your truth, from a deep space of love” and “Self integrity” in addition, experiential exercises, designed and attuned for your specific soul’s needs/expansion)

-Daily self love, through your choice of massage, reflection writing time and simply being in your hammock or pool side doing no-thing

-Adventure deep into the Divinity of Bali’s sacred Locations/Temples/Ubud and beyond where everything exists beyond your imagination

-Deeply Healing Divine Feminine and Masculine Rituals

-You will leave with a personally designed “Think Love Diet Plan” to follow, that will enable you to implement all that you have experienced in Bali, throughout the rest of your days to create and live the life you love!

 A Journey of a Thousand leagues, begins with the first Step!  Lao-Tzu


Desire to learn more about the retreats?

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Call :   (818) 878-8255

Andi- Bali Reflection notes…

What did you “Imagine” your Quest Coach Training, experience in Bali, would consist of?

A peaceful process of re-discovering who I truly am.  To grow/expand into “love” in all ways (of myself and others) To release judgements, thoughts and behaviors that no-longer suit me.  I want to heal the pieces of myself that have been broke/scared from this and past lifetimes.  I want to become solid in the foundation of the Think Love Quest Model Process for myself and for Coaching. All the while having new great life experiences, fun and relaxing alike.  I want to “see” Bali and experience the inner and outer beauty of all that she is.  Beach, surf, sand, nature, people, spiritually, temples, ocean, animals, -EVERYTHING-culture.
How different was this experience then you imagined?
I had a picture in my head of a typical “tropical vacation” sprinkled with sessions.  I had NO idea how much witnessing the local culture, openness and acceptance of the people would influence my thoughts/behaviors. It was profound realization for me that there truly is another way of life! A more flowing, balanced, in tune way to go about everyday.  I had expected to spend more time with G and C but was left to do things on my own for myself.  I was annoyed at first feeling slightly rejected but quickly realized that this was part of my journey and I appreciate the awareness and opportunity to grow!
How has the experience impacted your life at this point in your journey?
I feel that this has completely changed my way of thinking.  It has awakened/opened my mind up to new possibilities, ways of viewing people, situations and life as a whole.  Like anything is possible ((because Jesus I came to Bali—Alone!)) I was given many opportunities to be out of my comfort zone and grow,  I’ve pushed through my fears many times in the time I was here.  It proved to me that fear is something that our mind (ego) creates but isn’t real.  That is something which I can always come back to throughout my life and I”m thankful of that!
What would you say to anyone, considering their Quest Coach Journey in Bali?
Honestly, I believe its’s the way to do it!
Being forced out of my comfort zone was the most impactful way to really see/be (witness)/embody) the pieces of training.  I was able to actually witness many of these distinctions in action, which you/I would be hard pressed to find in BOSTON,  To me, that was key.  B/C you or I can say whatever we want about living in a particular way but to truly see it, made it real! Delivering the training in person and in a place/land that not only fosters but breeds a more “truthful existence” is, in my opinion, key to really “getting it”!  Actually Seeing the way life can be when everyone/the collective is in tune, is beyond profound!  I don’t believe that I would have had the same results, had I not been delivered the model in this manner!
Andi Crawford Boston May 2013
Mel’s Bali Reflection (Personal Quest Journey)
What do you imagine your “Personal Quest Journey in Bali, will be?
I come with no attachment to anything really I have no idea what it is that I will experience.  I come with an open heart and open mind to experience all that I can.  My desire is to break free from my self inflicted restraints which are many and at different levels.  I know my ego rules, keeps me stuck, withheld and unfulfilled in my
beliefs.  So I can say that my one true desire is to break through that physically, mental, emotionally and spiritually and come to a new place of courage, love, acceptance, and desire for my life. Putting thoughts into action is a major step in actually experiencing the change so I would imagine the quest would address this at different levels.  I imagine that it is extreme fun, breaking boundaries that you never new existed and deep soul searching.
How Different was this experience than you imagined?
I really did not expect anything.  I was more concentrated on my process of deciding to go and what that meant for me because it was huge.
I would say the one thing would be how simple yet heart bracingly powerful the Quest journey was and the ability of Catherina to constantly nail the truth, show up and drive it home in every minute.  It was inspiring to see and be in it 24/7 with Gerry and Catherina, not a moment of opportunity missed. It was simply about my process there were no rules and guidelines, no wrong and right, no dogma, religion, faith only simple truth about who I am and how I have wrapped myself in a cocoon of fear, have too’s, judgments and conditioning.  It was about stripping this away, bit by bit, layer by layer.
How has the experience impacted your life at this point in your journey?
Coming here with no expectations other than wanting to shift some how from my present state of suffering, pain and confusion I had as idea what to expect. How can words speak the unspeakable.  I feel like I have done quiet a bit of personal work and achieved some sense of awareness and understanding but what I now realize is what I was missing was the basics.  The foundations from which everything is built.  You cannot walk before you can crawl on the most obvious level.  But you also cannot learn to crawl until you have an awareness of your body and the subtleties and true awareness over how to use it and move it in the most effective way. The foundation is the awareness of the simple things.  However we give no importance to it in our culture.   How to love, honor and be true to yourself.  How to speak your truth, not compare and not judge yourself or another.  The importance of following your heart and inner knowing is huge. I have realized how much holding of energy there is in the unsaid.  The freedom comes from the acceptance, expression, no judgment, fully giving, acknowledgment, receiving, joy and big love.  Not identifying with pain, suffering and the mind.
What would you say to anyone, considering their Personal Quest Journey in Bali?
This is a tool for anyone.  If you are wanting to expand yourself, move beyond, fear, pain, suffering and un-fullfillment  this will take you there.  You need to be committed to first really experiencing the pain and suffering to be true about what you are really feeling because there is nothing wrong with going into it, looking at it in its fullness then let go.  Then it is time to create from a new place.  There are really no words that can describe the experience because it is totally experiential and the journey is different for everyone.  But believe me if you say yes to yourself your perspective on life will change forever.
Tania’s Bali Reflection Notes…

When I decided that my soul couldn’t yearn any longer, I decided it was time to listen! I don’t think my soul’s desire to go somewhere has ever been so strong in my entire life! I just knew this was what I needed in order to close the gap.  There were missing pieces to the puzzle and I had a deep knowing that spending a week with Catherina and Gerry would fill the gap. I imagined just that-asking questions that filled the gap and getting the answers. I also knew that there was more embodiment to happen. There were parts of my life where I felt more embodied then others and I just knew I had to  be there to again, close the gap!  This said, I also knew it would be so much more than this-knowing Catherina, every-time, I imagined it was going to be all mind-get in ask questions, become more embodied, go home, start coaching .  Being the “heady” person that I am, I was in my “doing” frame of mind.  As I said, I knew how in my mind I was, so at my intuitive/soul level there was a deeper knowing that there was sooooo much more that I would experience during this trip!
How different was this experience then you “Imagined”?
This experience blew my mind!  The shifting I experienced during the week was insane!
Being away from real world dramas allowed me to see and experience real truth-real embodiment,  This was experienced through the life of Catherina and Gerry.  It gave me a beautiful insight into the reality in which we can all create and the level of commitment it takes to be where they are! I experienced authenticity in its purest form.  I experienced a trust that the universe is providing for them.  By being with Catherina I was able to feel, see and touch the condition of what happens when you are in the moment-such a pure, rich life of abundance and flow.  This experience was worth every penny to show me what it takes! Being aligned with these beautiful beings, I have seen my intuitition flourish and had a number of hits from the universe to show me that I am aligned!
How has this experience impacted your life at this point in your journey? 
“Wow!  What I have learnt from this experience has been profound!  I have experienced an immense embodiment that I don’t know I would have achieved in a couple of months of online coaching.  I’ve seen shifts in myself, relationships, and have seen the universe show up.  I will leave here in a place of conviction that truth-absolute truth!-is what I seek…I Love you both so much..”
What would you say to anyone, considering their Quest Coach/Teacher Training in Bali?
“Come!!! Seeing how Catherina and Gerry live their life is nothing you can experience through a computer.  It will take you to another dimension!  I was immersed in life and saw what if takes to BE at ONE with the universe-in beautiful flow and trust!”



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