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Q.U.E.S.T. Graduate describes three levels of her Quest Journey.

1) Personal Journey – clearing -
Awakening to a possibility, following the thread and finding out the basic elemental concepts of Quest, questioning thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors, understanding who you are, seeing your own patterns and lack of love. Releasing self abusing habits and seeing how those habits began, what your ego has been up to in your life. Finding out how thinking love can create miracles. Being in awe of the truth. Discerning that there is only Love or Fear in all choices. Being freed to trust yourself, your gut, others.
2) Coach training – embodiment -
Taking the basics to a different level, more deeply within yourself. Finding the connections, self questing, staying in practise.  Finding the amazing truth of our connectedness to all others, to all life and finding that it is possible to walk with someone you don’t even know and assist them in finding their own answers, the truth of who they are and a way to use the gold their ego is bringing them.  Feeling joy at being able to participate in this way.  Seeing how we mirror each other.  Recognizing the beauty of how our ego works to bring us to awareness of our places of disunity so we can heal them, and being able to share wisdom intuitively with others.  Knowing that separation is a lie.
2) Teacher training – full self actualization -
Having the Quest model in all you do. Watching all of it unfold within yourself and around you. Having it so much within you and a part of your life that it naturally flows out and you are teaching concepts to others by being who you are and speaking from that deep truth. Recognizing one is always still in practice. Trusting your innate intuitive abilities and knowing they come from the deep loving eternal soul that you are – seeing that soul in all others. Knowing. Love. Being Love.
The world is full of sign posts pointing the way.  Quest gives you the ability to read the signs.

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