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By Andi Crawford – Partners Healthcare

What did you “Imagine” your Quest Coach Training, experience in Bali, would consist of?

A peaceful process of re-discovering who I truly am.  To grow/expand into “love” in all ways (of myself and others) To release judgements, thoughts and behaviors that no-longer suit me.  I want to heal the pieces of myself that have been broke/scared from this and past lifetimes.  I want to become solid in the foundation of the Think Love Quest Model Process for myself and for Coaching.

All the while having new great life experiences, fun and relaxing alike.  I want to “see” Bali and experience the inner and outer beauty of all that she is.  Beach, surf, sand, nature, people, spiritually, temples, ocean, animals, -EVERYTHING-culture.

How different was this experience then you imagined?

I had a picture in my head of a typical “tropical vacation” sprinkled with sessions.  I had NO idea how much witnessing the local culture, openness and acceptance of the people would influence my thoughts/behaviors.

A more flowing, balanced, in tune way to go about everyday.  I had expected to spend more time with G and C but was left to do things on my own for myself.  I was annoyed at first feeling slightly rejected but quickly realized that this was part of my journey and I appreciate the awareness and opportunity to grow!

How has the experience impacted your life at this point in your journey?

I feel that this has completely changed my way of thinking.  It has awakened/opened my mind up to new possibilities, ways of viewing people, situations and life as a whole.  Like anything is possible ((because Jesus I came to Bali—Alone!))

I was given many opportunities to be out of my comfort zone and grow,  I’ve pushed through my fears many times in the time I was here.  It proved to me that fear is something that our mind (ego) creates but isn’t real.  That is something which I can always come back to throughout my life and I”m thankful of that!

What would you say to anyone, considering their Quest Coach Journey in Bali?

Honestly, I believe its’s the way to do it!

Being forced out of my comfort zone was the most impactful way to really see/be (witness)/embody) the pieces of training.  I was able to actually witness many of these distinctions in action, which you/I would be hard pressed to find in BOSTON,  To me, that was key.  B/C you or I can say whatever we want about living in a particular way but to truly see it, made it real!

Delivering the training in person and in a place/land that not only fosters but breeds a more “truthful existence” is, in my opinion, key to really “getting it”!

Actually Seeing the way life can be when everyone/the collective is in tune, is beyond profound!  I don’t believe that I would have had the same results, had I not been delivered the model in this manner!




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