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It’s been a long time coming, an exhaustive journey, an in-lightening journey, an ecstatic journey and more – this actualizing quest as the greatness of me. A journey of my soul for eons it feels, looking for the connections within, this grid of myself finding home and connecting once again to the living knownness of me. It is now in this moment of All. I have lived, it feels, through many lifetimes in this lifetime, many ups and a great many downs. I had a car accident about six years ago now. I’ve learned to talk, read and write all over again. I was so sensory sensitive that any amount of light, vision, sound and other sensory input sometimes brought me to my knees where I would lay on the floor in tremors until I could recover enough to get up and go to bed. I’ve had a challenging childhood. I’ve been attacked several times in my life, and I’ve had many laughs and wonderful connections to the natures of life, all lessons contributing to what I have available to give at this time.

My goal has been to become better than I’ve ever been and it’s happening. A mantra of mine has been: “When your house comes down – build a mansion, a mansion of being.”  I get to consciously choose what bricks I keep, what bricks I throw away and where each one now goes in my new mansion of being that I came to create at this time. I am here to be a living, breathing example for all of us that when it looks like the world is falling apart – what if it’s our skin being shed because we have grown beyond our “old” ways of thinking, of being? It’s time for the unveiling of this new world, of the greatness of us; moving to the next level – greatness unleashed!

What possibilities lie within each of us? What is the truth of the greatness of who we are? No “wholes” barred anymore, living the true FULL potential of our beings. It is time.
My quest for greatness journey has been a magical, challenging, wondrous continuing unfolding and a connecting of the dots long seeking to touch each other’s heart to live this powerful experience of being home with-in me. I have done much previous personal work from many roads. All have been of value and led me to the convergence available here. This program, this process, has led me to connecting the dots beyond what I have lived before. I finally feel like I am walking into and living as the true greatness of me; a place of peace, no longer of pieces. A place of power, of magnitude that is available to All of us; each and every one of us no matter what has happened.
I am shedding my stories and stepping forward as me no longer cloaked in the masks of what has been; for we are not our stories when we are the truth of who we are; that great truth that has been waiting for its voice powered by our choice. I am finding greater ease, greater capacity, greater capability, and greater joy. I am finding a collaborative capacity with the universe far beyond the shores of my imagination, and, my imagination has been very big.
I came to be a “Whole in One”.  I AM. WE ARE. A (w)hologram – no longer hollowed out but haloed by the truth of who we are – standing on solid ground. Standing on the foundation of our actualized greatness – the truth of who we are – Love. Welcome to the Greatness of YoU. Welcome Home. Welcome to Love.

I SEE ME. And, through this seeing, I see you, I see us, I see the mirror of me which is we. When you see me, I see me. When I see me, I see you.
I know and receive more of you as I know and receive more of me.

Welcome Home to You. Welcome Home to Me. Welcome Home to Us – the All of Us that is this World.

We Are All for One and One for All.

Kim Conrad



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