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My QUEST Personal journey has been a radiant blast of fresh, warm sunlight, allowing me to spread the wings I had been holding close to my body during a period of cold, stagnant weather. Although I had been going through a metamorphosis, a caterpillar inside the cocoon, for some time already, it seems  as if the day I began my weekly QUEST sessions marked the moment those wondrous imaginal cells began recoding my original DNA proteins into new, super-charged proteins with wings. With the hands of QUEST, the lessons I have been learning for a lifetime are being powerfully massaged into the cellular matrix as embodied wisdom. As a result, I feel immediately ridiculous when I don’t speak my truth … with women, with Catherina, with myself. I have intuitively created situations where difficult truths must be shared with others, and so I get to experience the complete thrill of vulnerability in sharing them, and of course the gentle peace of not taking personal any negative responses.


My QUEST personal journey has enabled me, more than anything, to simply honor my truth in every moment. I’ve had quite a few artists and creators ask me to work with them these past few months, and it’s been empowering to say no, or at least not right now, when my answer is not a clear yes. It’s supported me in making choices that honor that which feels lighter in me, versus heavier choices made from obligation, victimhood, and self-doubt; choices like where to spend christmas, who to go out on a date with, how much time to spend with someone, what events to go to, what conversations to NOT engage in, etc.


My QUEST personal journey has been a catalyst for my writing. I love to write, and I am now clear, more than ever before, that I want to be professional … which means books, articles, blogs, and of course speaking engagements. QUEST has lit a fire underneath me to write, and especially to say no to activities that don’t excite me and would interfere with my writing in a meaningful way.


Various insight distinctions, while they have been occurring to me for years, are being ground into my being through the QUEST conversation and assignments (mostly writing and daily practices). Distinctions like: “I can’t create greatness on a foundation of bullshit lies”; “Self is already Love”; “Vulnerability is sexy”; and so many more.


QUEST is yummy : )

Bryan Reeves



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