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My Quest for Greatness Journey into the depth of who I am
The key difference between Quest for Greatness and any other leadership or personal development course I have ever done? It takes you to a place of really walking your talk, of acting on your ‘knowing’ and of going to the tough places to heal once and for all. So much has transformed as a result of me travelling my personal and Coach journey and now even more as I go into my Trainers training. The old beliefs that I ‘knew’ I had but couldn’t really shift have been loved into truth one at a time. I have been undergoing a transformation of my body, mind and emotions, gradually embodying more and more of my soul into being.
During my personal journey, I was able to really go to the places where before I had feared to tread. The beliefs I was able to transform were many. Let’s tick them off one at a time shall we?
Let’s start with the core beliefs in my life areas.
1. I have to work hard to be healthy and fit
2. I am ‘replaceable’ with the man I love the most in the whole world
3. My family think I’m crazy and flighty
4. People won’t pay me for the work that I excel in
5. I am still searching for my ‘real purpose’
In my personal Quest I was able to really get to the core of each of these bullshit lies I had buried in my subconscious mind. Doing my NLP Masters hadn’t been able to touch them. Studying and teaching Energetic NLP had moved them somewhat but left their roots still intact. My personal Quest has helped me to transform them into new ‘truth statements’ that reflect the limitless at the core of my very being.
The stories by which I now choose to create my life from are
1. My body, mind and spirit are one. When I am in balance and alignment, my physical form reflects this balance and harmony
2. There is only one Genevieve. Not comparable to anyone. I am gorgeous, irresistible and divine when I am expressing myself fully in my truth
3. My family love me for leading the way in a new form of consciousness. They see my bravery and cheer me on in what is right for me
4. People will seek me out and pay me millions for simply ‘being’ Genevieve Boast and expressing this in the world in ways that are authentic to me.
5. My only purpose is to ‘be me’. I do not need to DO anything. I am perfect as I am right NOW and I choose to play in the world to experience more of its truth and my oneness with all that is.
And of course after this amount of personal transformation, I was hooked by the power of this work. Hooked but not consciously prepared for the new depths that my Coach and Trainers training would take me to….here we really got to the deep stuff. The shadows that I hadn’t wanted to go near, or even knew I had! I got in touch with….
The Five Biggest Lies of my Life……
1. I am not good enough
2. It is not safe to speak my truth
3. Money causes pain (too much, too little, creates jealousy & attachment)
4. I am scared of being ‘prosecuted’ for breaking the social rules and standing out from the crowd
5. People are always trying to control me and ‘claim’ me as their own
BIGGIES….fucking huge in fact.
My body and mind underwent a complete alchemy of healing and transformation. I was wracked by anxiety, fear and pain one moment and then transported into bliss and love the next as I realized fully that I really am not my thoughts or feelings or beliefs. I am something way beyond my beliefs. I was literally being rewired at a cellular level to release these lies from every part of my being. They are no longer true for me…nothing is true….I have moved beyond the realm of beliefs into the realm of being. Accepting what is happening and flowing with the river that is a life of love.
My Limitless state of being now translates into a new Big Four to live my life by
1. I am perfect as I am right now and I choose always grow and evolve because its fun
2. I am powerful in speaking my truth and create my whole life of integrity from this place
3. When we live lives of true love then money flows. We become irresistible magnets to the abundance of life.
4. I am always safe if I believe I am and act from an embodied space of love for myself and those around me
5. Up until now, I have been the only one trying to control me and my life….There is no control, only the flow of lessons. I surrender to the flow of my own soul coming into being.
When I chose to claim and surrender to the biggest version of my life. I can ever lead, I was not fully prepared for the level of alchemy that unfolded to allow this to happen. In order to be completely embodied in the powerful model that A Quest for Greatness, this was not only necessary but my choice to allow me to really walk my talk and facilitate others in doing the same.
I am now able to see that I can consciously CHOOSE to ‘have it all’ in my life. What I choose to do, who I choose to spend my time with, how I choose to play the game of life…all up to me. This is true freedom.



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