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 “My Quest for Greatness” A Quest….the act or an instance of looking for or seeking.

I would say that I have been on a quest my whole life of one thing or another, and at this stage in my life I would have thought I was done. These are the years of which I am to be in my reflective years, my golden years the time of experienced grandmother, O wise woman. Yeah right, not yet.

I had told myself that, having been a daughter, a mother of 5 children, a loving partner and a teacher/successful business women I could be done with any self discovery, been there done that got the T-Shirt.. Or maybe I was just set in my ways and this is as good as it gets, so I don’t need to any more looking.

In my childhood I had witnessed and was part of a family that was truly a product of the 60’s, the “I am therefore I am” and the “I’m Ok your OK” “Peace Out” era. Questing was in every part of my childhood and teenage experience, from living in Communes to questing with drugs and life adventures in every form, some of the stories you would not believe,

It was with an unexpected surprise that I was introduced to Catherina and Gerry the founders of Think Love and the “Quest for Greatness” programs. I had known of the Think Love team and the global movement of Think Love for several years. I had participated in the background and was in love with the ideas and concepts of “Think Love” and with my contribution to the team felt a sense of something bigger that I wanted to keep alive in my life.

It was an amazing day when I received a call from Catherina to come and experience an event with a group in explore the Balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, I was in awe as I witnessed the Universe just line up so I could go and the confirmation of the choice was a pleasure and magical to behold. That experience I now know was just the tip of the iceberg to get me open for the next phase in my journey.

Something shifted in me on the trip and I wanted to know myself more, I had not really explored much of my own truth though my life experience, only the truth of what others shared and I agreed. We are bombarded by others ideas, opinions and in this society we just watch, listen and are told who we are and what we like or should be.  I was stuck in just serving and looking for” love” in all the wrong places, typically I would lie in my thoughts in which I told myself that I would never be enough or know enough.

Who was I really? Did I speak my truth or just repeating what I have heard? Did I have a voice that spoke my truth or did I just have many thoughts that were mostly lies in my ear throughout the day of perception and reaction. These were questions that I started to explore once I took the steps into my “Quest for Greatness”.  The first time I stated that “I am on a Quest for Greatness! I thought, how funny that sounds, as if I was going to find something amazing outside of myself through a great deal of traveling miles and miles through uncharted territory. That was not a true statement; I have discovered that it is a journey in, a journey to me. A deeply intimate exploration into my own greatness, which I am finding was always there, not learned or practiced just acknowledged and remembered the truth of who I am in this vast greatness. This great infinite pool of love and humanity that surrounds us, present, available just waiting for self acknowledgment to find my way home, to self and in love for the first time, with me.

I am the Quest, I am the Greatness and I only had to take one step, which was no steps, just a blink to open my eyes and see and love me. It has changed everything, I cannot go back to old ways of being, the truth, my truth has sent me to share with you the excitement of this experience, it’s not a secret, it is courage and expansion and gentle loving guidance of the Quest Team. I invite you, to love.




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