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My old story went something like this…Do what I have to do to make others happy. Live through a false idea of who I am. Make the money because money will buy me happiness. Drink to forget. Gain control through binge eating and find a life partner the will fill the missing pieces.

My new story goes something like this…

The answer to my truth is self love. Choose love in each moment. Choose flow and move away from resistance. Choose to see the ‘bad’ in life as a gift – my soul telling me what needs to be healed. Choose to see my world as a mirror reflection of what I am putting out. Choose to see the world with these new lenses and the universe will support my every wish.

This is the power of Quest. Catherina O’Gorman has guided me on a journey to empower me to remind me of my truth. She taught me that when I peel away the layers of beliefs, what remains is love. Being in a state of self love, creates the space for my truth to unfold. What is my truth? I believe I can be, do, attract everything into my life that I have always dreamed of – it is all possible if we choose to believe.

When we enter this world as a baby, we begin to learn. What we learn as a child sets us up with belief systems that we carry through until adulthood. Releasing the beliefs that that no longer served me, was the most important step in my journey.

Over this Quest I was able, for the first time in my life, to see that the person I was being wasn’t the real me – the truth of who I really am. The person I was being was a distortion of who I thought I was.

With this new self awareness, I was then able to ask myself: Who do I really I want to be? I now choose to create beliefs that will serve me and the life I want to live.

As my Quest for Greatness journey unfolded, it was almost as if magic was unfolding before my very eyes. The universe was supporting my positive energy and open heart. Things started to show up as gifts in the physical world around me – through people and offers – giving one very clear message: This is your new reality Tania.

Since choosing this new lens, I have attracted my twin soul – the love of my life.
It is very clear to me that Michael is a mirror reflection of the person I am now choosing to be – kind, loving, gentle, happy, focused, committed and living his truth.

It is through this connection with Michael that I now have clarity on how much my world was in turmoil. I had issues with my confidence, trust, money, binge drinking and partying. I wanted a man to fill in all that was missing and what I would attract were exact mirrors of me at that time – binge drinkers low in confidence and insecure.

All my life up until this point I realise I had been out of control. I only felt in control through my excessive drinking and binge eating. Having experienced trauma through abuse as a child and the added pressure to succeed led to the following beliefs guiding me through life:

I am not good enough
I am not worthy
I have no confidence
I am powerless to change
I have no control over anything

It is clear now that immersing myself in a binge, was a distorted way at the time of feeling confident, powerful, in control and loved.

These experiences have taught me this: It is us – you and me – who have the answers that will lead us to the highest evolution of our soul’s purpose. The answers lie within ourselves and the people we attract into our lives are a very clear sign of the life we are living – put out love you attract love, put out fear you attract fear.

The Quest has allowed me to see that my whole life has unfolded with absolute perfection, to bring me to the place I am at today.

So today I share with you what is true in my Quest for Greatness journey. My wishes for my future:

To love in each moment
To be all I can be
To live an abundant life
To start a beautiful family with the love of my life
To teach my children that their life is limitless
To heal women all over the world who need my help

And most of all to share my wishes with you and all beings, so we truly see that we can be all that we can be…

My Quest journey has shown me this and I know in my heart it will show you. So just like me, may the Quest for Greatness be the key to set you free.

Tania Veronese, 28, Marketing Manager, Sydney – Australia


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