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I began our coaching sessions because I felt shy in some situations and needed to move past it for the success of my children’s books.  Upon reflection after 3 months, I realize I received so much more.  

The following is a list of what I embodied and accomplished during our coaching sessions.
  • To always be in my truth.
  • Live with my heart wide open because I choose to receive love, not fear.  Fear has no power over me.
  • I can heal everyone by just being me.
  • I am in my own reality and everyone is a mirror of myself to learn from.
  • I have the power to evoke all intelligences.
  • I moved past the resistance of exercise and now walk and perform yoga and zumba.
  • I lost my fear of running out of money.  I know and trust I will get what I need when I need it.
  • I trust the highest right person or people will come along at the perfect time.
  • I learned I will survive anything.  No need to worry.
Most of all, you empowered me to take steps to move past all resistance and be in my truth as a being to bring happiness, joy and laughter to all on the planet.
Oceans of love and gratitude,

What are the benefits in undertaking “A Quest for Greatness” for Individuals and Companies within the Corporate World?

When employees are taught to operate from universal love and truth, it creates an environment without fear.  This environment enhances the ability to express with unlimited creativity and collaboration instead of fear and competition. A supportive environment is created. The environment attracts like minded people.  Therefore, building a dynamic company.

What is the Impact of “A Quest For Greatness” Personally?

Once I realized I was looking into my own mirror of life, I understood that life was all my choosing.  I became empowered and unlimited. Realizing we are one universal love, I choose to think with my heart and receive universal truth. I also realized all is perfect and I operate from my own truth without fear.

Kathy Elliott

IT Business Systems and Application Development Manager ( 30+yrs)

Managed teams who supported employees using the business software of the company.  I also managed teams who developed, tested and installed new software.



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